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2020 Incubator Teams and Problem Focus


Polar Cure: It is difficult to keep ice on certain body parts for athletic icing.

Speedy Sponge: Wasting paper towels when clearning up kitchen surfaces.

Azalea Beauty: Dry shampoo does not work well on dark hair and is not conveinent.

Clean Protein Team: People take the incorrect amount of protein supplements.

Pocket-Locket: Wallet and phone fall out of teens and runners sweatpants.

Pretty Pouch: Losing makeup and other items in your purse.

Odor Stasi: Hockey equipment smells really bad.

Sip N' Clip: Spilling drinks at your desk and making a mess.

Zippity Towel: Parents carrying too much of their kids stuff to the beach.

Organizify: Losing your keys, wallet, phone in the house.

Garage Gang: No time to clean your messy garage.

Bite Stoppers: People biting nails.

Dvyde: Items getting messy in your suitcase.

Eyemagination: Messy process taking off mascera.

Varisty Wraps: Lines are too long when taping before practice and games.

Shoe Shield: Shoes get ruined from the elements.

Re-Case: Phone cases are boring and expensive to switch up.

Carl's Coaching: Personalized coaching is very expensive.

Road Runner: Car counsels are very messy.

Pitstop: Pitting out on shirts are gross.

Fly Away: Glasses rip out your hair when you place on your head.

Shower Shade: Foggy mirrors in the bathroom are annoying.

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